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Looking Forward

We welcome Year 9-13 students who are pregnant or who are young parents. We help you to complete your secondary education, achieve your full potential, and plan for further study or a career while supporting you as a parent.

Aiming high

Achieving NCEA Level 2 is the minimum aim for all students, and many students at Eden Campus achieve NCEA Level 3 and University Entrance. Our goal is to support you to continue your education as seamlessly as possible.  An individual learning programme is designed for each of our students.

Growing Together

At Eden Campus we provide a unique opportunity for you to grow and learn alongside your baby.

It is our goal to support you in your jouney while you are with us.

At Eden Campus we believe that things that could be seen as stumbling blocks, can be turned into stepping stones

Frequently asked questions

入居期間に制限はありますか?/ How long can i move in for?

最低1ヶ月~最長6ヶ月で、その間であれば1日単位でご調整いただけます。 基本的に延長、再契約はできません。 The minimum stay is 1 month at least. You can not stay extand your stay more than 6 months with a monthly contract. If you are planning to stay longer than 6 months, you will have to swtich to a long-term contract instead.

二人入居はできますか? / Can I move in as a couple?

可能です。但し、追加料金が発生いたします。 Of course! As a couple, you can move into one bed apartments for an additional fee.

洗濯機は無料ですか?/ Is the laundry room free?

無料で24時間ご利用いただける洗濯乾燥機をご用意しております。洗剤はご自身でご用意ください。 The laundry room located on the 1st floor is open 24h and completely free of charge. Detergent is at your own charge.

書面での手続きは必要ですか?/ Do I need any document to proceed?

全てオンライン上でのお手続きとなります。海外からのお申込みも可能です。 お手続きについては予約ページより御予約いただいた後、メールにてご案内させていただきます。 The whole procedure is handled online. You can even apply from overseas. Click on the BOOK NOW button to proceed with your reservation. We'll then send you an email how to complete the process.

家具・家電は何が備え付けですか?/ What furniture is available in the room?

ベッド、冷蔵庫、デスクチェア、壁面収納、電子レンジ、ドライヤー、デスクライトが備え付けです。WiFiもご利用いただけます。 Semi-double bed, refridgerator, desk with chair, wall shelves, microwaves, desk light. WiFi is also included in your room.

'Just because you're having a child doesn't mean it's over.
Honey it's only just started.
Aim high and you will achieve amazing things!'
Past student


KAREN DONNELLY, HEAD TEACHER - kdonnelly@aggs.school.nz

KATHLEEN RUSTON, ADMINISTRATOR ELC - edencampuselc@aggs.school.nz

PHONE: 09-638 3412

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