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Eden Campus

Early Learning Centre

Meet the Team


 Kathleen, Gosia and Christine 

Our Mission

A Place to Belong

Established in 2004, our early learning centre is now run by Taonga Education Centre Charitable Trust.

Our unit is on the ground floor of Eden Campus

with the goal of providing a special place for the children of young parents.  

We encourage a love of learning in a relaxed environment where children can take risks, be curious, and confident.

We want your children to be proud of who they are, their achievements, and where they come from.

Side by Side

Being in the same building means we are a close knit team, and we make the most of opportunities to do things together.

Babies can start from as early as 6 weeks old.  This means that you and your baby can continue to flourish and grow together while you complete your education.


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At Eden Campus we believe that things that could be seen as stumbling blocks, can be turned into stepping stones

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