Eden Campus

Early Learning Centre

Meet the Team


 Kathleen, Gosia and Christine 


A Place to Belong

Established in 2004, our early learning centre is now run by Taonga Education Centre Charitable Trust.

Our unit is on the ground floor of Eden Campus

with the goal of providing a special place for the children of young parents.  

We encourage a love of learning in a relaxed environment where children can take risks, be curious, and confident.

We want your children to be proud of who they are, their achievements, and where they come from.

Side by Side

Being in the same building means we are a close knit team, and we make the most of opportunities to do things together.

Babies can start from as early as 6 weeks old.  This means that you and your baby can continue to flourish and grow together while you complete your education.



At Eden Campus we believe that things that could be seen as stumbling blocks, can be turned into stepping stones

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

We are virtually a fully funded unit which means that your course costs and childcare fees can be covered by WINZ. This will rely on your regular attendance and making the most of the opportunities offered to you.

There will be some small costs for some students during the year. These might include:
* Lunch (Mon-Thurs): $8 per week
* Additional charges for activities and end of year expenses (some of which are optional)

We can provide information about accessing financial support from youth providers via WINZ. You may also be entitled to a travel allowance.

Can I see my baby during the day?

Our school for teen parents is upstairs, and the Early Learning Centre for children is downstairs. This means we can have a close connection between the two.

You will be called downstairs when needed, such as for breastfeeding, or if our teachers have any questions or concerns with your child. You are also welcome to visit during your lunchtime and morning/afternoon breaks.

We find that this close connection also helps children transition into the centre.

How do I get started?

The best way to find out more is to come for a visit and meet our teams upstairs and downstairs. Please call Karen (09-638 3412) or email (kdonnelly@aggs.school.nz) to make a time. You are welcome to bring along family, friends, a support person or partner when you come to visit. Please bring: Your birth certificate or passport, Your child's birth certificate or, A letter from your doctor or midwife verifying pregnancy Your NZQA Record of Achievement if available A recent school report if available Students can enrol at any time during the year, although babies should be at least 6 weeks old. To enroll your child in our Early Learning Centre they must have a birth certificate, and if you choose to immunize your child, we are required to keep up-to-date records (please bring your immunization paperwork when you enrol)

How can I get there every day?

We are situated in Mt Eden Village which is great for public transport - so it is easy to get here via bus and train. You may also be eligible for a transport allowance.

We are part of Auckland Girls’ Grammar, but we are in a different location.

Do I have to bring food for me and my baby?

If your child is eating solids, we ask that you pay $10 per week towards the cost of your child’s food. We will provide them with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

For our student parents upstairs, you will pay $8 per week for lunches Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, you will bring your own lunch or go to local shops.

We provide weetbix for students’ breakfast every day which is funded by the Kick Start programme.

What will my child be doing during the day?

On a typical day, the children arrive between 8.30-9am and settle in to the care of our teachers. Morning tea is at 9.30am and lunch is between 11-12. After lunch, there is a sleep for the older children, followed by afternoon tea, and then it is generally home time.

In our Centre, we provide a stimulating environment (both indoors and outdoors) where children are encouraged to learn and explore at their own pace. We respond to their play and their interests, and look to provide opportunities for uninterrupted learning.

We follow the Te Whariki early childhood curriculum and have environments set up according to different age groups. Because most children are under 3, the main structure comes from mealtimes. The rest of the day we try to let the children set the flow and pace.

We also take the children on outings. Especially on Fridays in summer, we will do short outings (sometimes with mums and children together) to a park for a play and an ice cream, or to a local splashpad. We also have outings to pools, the museum or to a marae every few weeks.

We also create opportunities to welcome wider family and friends to our school - such as Matariki, Cafe day, Mothers’ day and our Christmas party.

How many teachers are there for the children?

Downstairs with our children, we have a wonderful group of full-time teachers - Kathleen Ruston, Gosia Gryniewicz and Christine Fourie. Di Cameron is our support teacher and creates the delicious meals for our children.

Will the teachers in the early learning centre do what I ask? Or will they do what they think is best?

We do our best to follow your routines from home. However, we are bound by MOE regulations, and health and safety laws, and this means that there are some things we may have to do differently - but we will discuss these with you as they arise.