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What our students say about us


Darian and Pheonix

After leaving Eden Campus and venturing out into the world, it dawned on me how appreciative and blessed I was, to be able to attend a school that was so focused on my education but that also helped shape me into the mother I am today.


Eden Campus was more than just a 9-3 weekly school routine to me. Eden Campus provided greater needs than NCEA alone. Eden Campus is where I learnt to make meals, where I learnt to be a mother and how I manage routines with a new born baby. Eden Campus became my second home where I was taught the life-long skills of being a young mum, alongside of gaining NCEA.


Eden Campus helped me get to the career goal that I never dreamed would become a reality for me and I definitely would not be in the position I am today if I hadn’t attended this school. Eden Campus is where I learnt to become a determined and driven young woman, ready to take on the world!


I have gone on to study Health and Wellbeing and am currently working with young teens and adults who have autism.

Vaiola and Andrew 1 (2).jpg

Vaiola and Andrew

Malo e Lelei! I am Vaiola. My son Andrew and I were at Eden Campus for 2015 and 2016

where I finished off my NCEA Level 3.


For me personally what Eden Campus meant for me is OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity that is offered to young mothers to make a better future for them and their kids. Continuing my education at Eden Campus gave me a foundation to construct a future for me and my son.


Being able to learn while your child is well taken care of by amazing teachers downstairs is the greatest opportunity I have ever received. It meant that I was able to finish my last year of high school and open doors to further my studies.


Now I am a second year student nurse. I will not forget all the support I received during my time at the school. I acknowledge all the young mothers out there. Becoming a mother is not the end for us because Eden Campus is an opportunity that is there for you to grab and make use of so that you can start to develop the foundation of your future.




Being at Eden Campus was one of the best times of my life.


The fact that there is a safe and fun environment for teen mums to go and complete their NCEA, while being able to take their child with them is amazing. 


My time at Eden Campus taught me many life skills that I still use today and have started to pass down to my daughter. 


The staff are amazing! Being able to teach us in different ways, making sure we are able to understand in a way that worked for me was one of the things I appreciated the most.


With Eden Campus being available to me I was able to complete NCEA, and go on to complete university studies, and now I am able to work in a place I love, with the job I love. 


None of that would have been possible without Eden Campus!

Hayley and Brayden.JPG

Hayley and Brayden

Being at Eden Campus was a life changing experience for me. The old saying,"it takes a village to raise a baby," is completely true.


When myself and the other girls at Eden Campus had our babies we all supported and helped each other as mothers, mothers to be and students. Not only did I learn how to look after my baby but I finished my schooling and achieved things I never thought I could, especially after having a baby.


Eden Campus is an amazing opportunity for young mums and I feel so privileged to have been able to attend. The daycare staff treated my son as if he were their own and the teachers supported us girls in every way possible. I couldn't recommend or talk highly enough of Eden Campus and my experience there. It will always be a place close to my heart.

Esther and family.JPG


My name is Esther Sangi and I attended Eden Campus TPU to complete my high school education after having had my first child at the age of 15.

I am so lucky to have found this school and will forever appreciate the teachers and students with whom I attended. Eden Campus is more than just a school and childcare, it is a place of support for young parents as well. I think I speak for all past students when I say, I gained more than just my NCEA by attending Eden Campus TPU, I also gained lifelong friendships and a connection with all the teachers, both from upstairs and downstairs.


I really hope this TPU continues running for a long time to come so that many more teen parents have the privilege and opportunity to gain as much my family and I did.

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