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The Love of my Life

My eyes drift open as I hear the cries from his crib. I lie there in my warm bed, dreading waking up and getting cold for the fourth time in the icy night. I push all the blankets off and go to his crib. He’s kicking his big feet and throwing his chubby arms around, and he has kicked off all his warm blankets.

I pick up my little monster and hold him close to me to keep him warm. He stops crying and attempts to suck his thumb. Or hand, you could say. He has the most wonderful coloured eyes; they are blue, green and brown. He has the biggest bald head with hair like the tiniest bit of golden fluff. I look down at him and he is staring into my eyes with unconditional love. He brings a gorgeous cheeky smile while poking out his tongue. A smile then appears on my face, as his smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

While trying to tire him out, we talk to each other for a while in baby language, since he is only 12 weeks old. He smiles and coos at me to tell him a story. I tickle his little tummy and he giggles away. His giggle is like a husky chuckle. It makes me so happy to hear it.

My little baby is wearing his fluffy brown and white monkey jumper with pale brown track pants. He looks like a little monkey as he clings to my top so I can’t put him back in his crib. His hands are massive for such a little baby, with great long fingers. His fingernails dig into my chest as his grip gets stronger. This baby does not want to be in his crib. All he wants is cuddles with his mummy.

I grab his purple dummy and put it in his mouth; he sucks on his dummy hiding his big juju lips. I start singing him a lullaby and rock him in my arms. As I walk him around my room, my arms start to get numb from his heavy body, and his eyes slowly start to close. Eventually he drifts off into an adventurous dream.

Once he is snoring away, I place him back into his warm crib. I place his Winnie the Pooh blanket over him and tuck his little body into his massive cot. Kiss his beautiful soft forehead.

Finally I go off to bed. Shivers come up my spine as I think to myself “He is the love of my life, and no matter how many hard nights I have with him he is 100% worth it.” Then I’m off to sleep, to dream about my little boy Mason.



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